Costa Rica National Symbols

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The national symbols are those that represent the daring spirit of the people of Costa Rica, to be recognized not only in Costa Rica, but by other countries. Generally, these symbols are made from visual or verbal representations that aim to disseminate the values of history or famous people of the country.

Currently, Costa Rica has twelve national symbols, which are shown below:

* The National Anthem
* The National Flag
* The National Emblem
* The Guaria Morada – National Flower
* The Yigüirro – National Bird
* The Guanacaste Tree – National Tree
* Typical Oxcart – Symbol of Labor
* The White-tailed Deer – Symbol of National Wildlife
* The Costa Rica Typical Costumes
* The Marimba – Symbol of Culture and Tradition
* The Independence Torch – Symbol of Freedom
* The Chirripó Crestones Hills – Symbol of Natural Wealth

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