Pollos RAYMI Restaurant

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Pollos RAYMI Restaurant in Belen, Costa Rica

Pollos Raymi (Raymi Chicken) Restaurant opened its doors on June 2nd, 1978, thanks to a visionary idea of ​​two enterprising brothers in law, beloved in the city of Belen, named Rafael and Miguel, of selling fried chicken with very low costs, and thanks to their delicious and very special recipe. In fact, Raymi got it’s name after combining the first letters from Rafael and Miguel. Since then, Pollos Raymi Restaurant has been located in San Antonio of Belen, Heredia.

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Due to the rise and success of the first Pollos Raymi restaurant, in 1988, they decided to invest in opening another facility in Santa Ana with the same characteristics, always meeting the same standards of production and, of course, with its exquisite taste. But today, even though the two are still open, each one has an independent administration.

The requirement from customers and competition in the local market, made Pollos Raymi ​​menu as delicious as varied, as now visitors can delight with various products ranging from its famous fried chicken, accompanied by the traditional plantain with chili, nuggets, buffalo and BBQ wings, chicken or beef burgers, juicy fries, desserts and family combos.

This is how Pollos Raymi restaurant, through ingenuity, their secret recipe and the large and growing clientele, offers for more than three decades, extraordinary service and an incomparable taste at very good prices. In addition, Pollos Raymi restaurant offers express service.

Pollos Raymi, the best option for eating well and at a low cost for your wallet!

Location: 150 m west from El Lagar Hardware Store, Costa Rica, district: San Antonio, canton: Belén, province: Heredia. Zone postal code: 40701.
GPS Coordinates: 9.979734,-84.183383 (9°58’47.04″N, 84°11’00.18″W)
Phone: +506 2239-2725
Schedule: everyday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Address map: Click here to view address map to Pollos Raymi Restaurant in Costa Rica.

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