Chubascos Restaurant

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Chubascos Restaurant in Fraijanes, Costa Rica

Chubascos is a typical Costa Rican cuisine restaurant located in Fraijanes, Alajuela, which opened its doors in 1982, thanks to the dream of Mrs. Gennie Morera Pacheco of recovering the traditional cooking method Costa Rica’s Central Valley homes.

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Chubascos Restaurant was initially located in the little hut where Mrs.Gennie and her children used to trip to, with only about six tables, the kitchenette of firewood and three other people helping, including Mayra and Alina, who still work here.

Raising the restaurant was difficult because at that time there were not many businesses in the area and the road was still a dirt road, so the Varablanca or San Pedro de Poas route was used to get to Poas Volcano. However, with the help of several friends such as Otto Castro, Marta Nuñez and Miguel Cordero, and once the road was paved, many vehicles started to use this route, especially the first buses of foreign tourists. It was when the restaurant began receiving American groups through some agencies, that’s why in 1988, Chubascos had to expand its facilities.

After the death of Mrs. Gennie, her children: Manuel, Lucia, Julia, Camilo and Inti, assumed the responsibility to continue with the restaurant. Manuel, later broke away to start another journey with Jaulares, located a little higher on the road, remaining the other four who still keep the spirit of the beginning.

For many years, Camilo took responsibility for the business, who improved and developed some of the main recipes, such as its contribution to improving the “Tortilla Aliñada”. Eventually, Lucia, Inti and Julia became more integrated and today, the restaurant is manage by a curious family collegial administration with very good results.

Chubascos Restaurant has an extensive menu, being the star dish “El Casado” with shredded beef, seasoned with herbs and cooked over low heat to get all it juices. “Casados” are a Costa Rican typical dish served with rice, whole black beans, plantains, tortilla, cheese, egg, coleslaw and classic potato picadillo. However, Casados can also be served with chicken in sauce or pork. But besides “Casados”, in Chubascos also excel grilled meats, the garlic Tilapia and Tongue in sauce, not forgetting some vegetarian options, such as Chile stuffed with potatoes, serve in a “Casado” presentation.

Chubascos restaurant has ample parking lot, accepts credit cards and offers excellent service always. Furthermore, Chubascos has a small accommodation with four rooms, equipped with TV with satellite service (SKY), mini bar, wireless Internet, private bathroom with hot water, heating and terrace.

Undoubtedly Chubascos is one of the favorite restaurants in Costa Rica, with excellent food and beautiful gardens, perfect for sharing and having a great time with your loved ones!

From Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (breakfast can be served from 7 a.m.)
Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Location: 1 km north from Fraijanes Lagoon, road to Poas Volcano, district: San Isidro, canton: Alajuela, province: Alajuela, Costa Rica. Zone postal code: 20106.
GPS Coordinates: 10.133525,-84.191118 (10°08’00.69″N, 84°11’28.02″W)
Phone: +506 2482-2280
Fax: +506 2482-2069

Address map: Click here to view address map to Chubascos Restaurant in Fraijanes, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

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