Doris Metropolitan Restaurant

Location: Northeast Side of the Stone Church of Santa Ana, district: Santa Ana, canton: Santa Ana, province: San Jose, Costa Rica. Zone postal code: 10901.
GPS Coordinates: 9.933189,-84.180053 (9°55’59.48″N, 84°10’48.19″W)
Schedule: every day from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Phone: +506 2282-2221

Address map: Click here to view address to Doris Metropolitan Restaurant, San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Doris Metropilitan Restaurant is located in Santa Ana, in the Province of San Jose. Its specialty is high quality meat, using the Dry Age style aging process, which fits into a creative menu based on unique ingredients from all around the world, such as the flour they use to bake their own bread, a secret sour dough starter made from yogurt and apples, aged for more than thirteen months, giving as a result an exquisite bread baked in their own ovens, with a flavor and texture equal to none, fresh vegetables are chosen with great care every day.

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Doris Metropolitan takes pride in making the aging process totally natural, without any additives or external agents. The delicate and complex aging process starts with the careful selection of their animals in the field. They take into account stock, feeding and age, plus strict conditions of temperature and humidity to achieve a smooth texture and a unique flavor.

If you have a special occasion or an important event to celebrate and wish to enjoy the specialties of Doris Metropolitan, at your house or ours, the restaurant can create a menu to your selection, making your event a memorable one.

At Doris we think about reaching all meat lovers. They provide a distribution service for restaurants and hotels that allows them to offer their clients products of the highest quality.

Enjoy a dining experience without compare. Taste the advantages of our careful preparation in every bite. A unique design, a selected list of wines, fine liquors and pleasant music that fits every moment of the day to provide a unique environment, is part of what awaits at you Doris Metropolitan Restaurant.

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