Colbert Restaurant

Location: 400 meters east from the Varablanca gas station, district: Varablanca, canton: Heredia, province: Heredia, Costa Rica. Zone postal code: 40105.
GPS Coordinates: 10.158196,-84.152999 (10°09’26.84″N, 84°09’14.66″W)
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Thursday.
Phone: +506 2482-2776

Address map: Click here to view address map to Colbert Restaurant, Heredia, Costa Rica.

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The Colbert restaurant, located in Varablanca in the province of Heredia, Costa Rica, is the authentic flavor of France in the area.

This French restaurant was created in 2002 by Celina Morales and the French chef Joël Suire, who is responsible for preparing each of the exquisite dishes, among which stand out the famous onion soup, rabbit, goat, quail and pheasant, without ignoring the different homemade pâtés, jams, chocolates, truffles, breads and desserts, prepared with traditional recipes and fresh products.

In Colbert’s Restaurant you can enjoy a rustic and quiet atmosphere, with large windows which show a green landscape  covered with clouds throughout the year.

Joël Suire came to Costa Rica in 1979 to work at the Le mirage restaurant. Shortly after he opened Le Coq Hardi restaurant, and in 1983, bought with his wife Celine, the Boudsocq French Pastry, the best and most famous pastry shop of San Jose for 20 years.

“Taste of France in Costa Rica ..”

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